08. July 2018
Kia Ora guys! I thought it might me good to at least write one last post before I come home. So "Kia Ora" is Kiwi/Maori-Slang for saying Hallo. Its a really open and friendly word - so feel welcomed to use it! My flight is on the 17th of July -isn´t that crazy, that´s exactly one year, on the day! At the moment I´m in the last week of school. Last Friday evening we had our international dinner. It was a big farewell of all the 15 Internationals who are with me leaving after this term. We all...
travel · 02. June 2018
Now I´m sitting on the Manabus with a 7.5 h bus ride back to Wellington. Originally it was planned that I would take the bus to Wellington yesterday on the 28th, but because Ursel and I came along so well, we decided to buy another bus ticket for today, so I could stay one day longer. Ursula, Ursel or Ursi is my Grandmother Erika´s cousin, so for me I think she must be my grand-grand-cousin? She comes originally from Berlin, on a boat trip over the Rhein, a matchmaker connected her with a...
travel · 21. May 2018
The Nelson Lakes Tramp is marked in the yellow-green colour. You can zoom in by pressing the + or double click and when you press one of the buttons you can read where/what it is and a little bit about the location.
travel · 01. May 2018
Hallo!!! - We are back from our holidays!!! This is Mati, Hannah’s Italian friend. Hannah asked me to write this post because she’s super busy at the moment and she wants her readers to have a different opinion when they look at her posts. Anyway here I am. I’m almost 18 years old, I live in Como (Italy) and at the moment I’m very excited to write this, because I don’t have a blog, but always dreamt about having one. Here is Hannah, I´m going to add somethings I found really...
travel · 08. April 2018
Another week is over and here I am back again :) Easter Camp was amazing! I made a lot of new conections and had a great time. And on Thursday we went Kayaking in Outdoor Education which was also pretty cool! But now let´s get back onto it:
travel · 04. April 2018
This event is one of the things I was probably the most nervous about, but it turned out to be one of the best things I've done here and in general! In the end of last year I went on a weekend tramp around Mt Taranaki. The tramp was organized by Ben. He is 20 years old and loves the outdoors, one of his hobbies is to organise trips and tramps and than take his friends on these. Ben`s family is good friends with Mati`s family and for the Taranaki tramp they ask if Mati and a friend (that's me...
01. April 2018
So Cuba Duba is a vibrant street festival revering the epic creative spirit of Cuba Street. In the city there are several areas, there is Lamton Quey this is where all the shops are, than there is Courney place where all the bars are located and than Cuba street, the probably most creative one of them often full of buskers and on weekends there is also the night market. So on Saturday the 24th from 12am until midnight and on Sunday morning until lunchtime the city was packed with people for...
25. March 2018
Just before I start I want to let you guys know that I´m now finally really happy here. I needed my time to get used to everything, especially after changing twice, but now school is fun, I also found some "kiwi"-friends here and my family Michelle, Isabella and Jack are super friendly and it feels like home. On Fridays I´m also going to Youth Group now and when I have time on Sunday I´m also going to church in the Baptist church in Island Bay. After finishing my internship in the soup...
07. December 2017
Ich melde mich auch mal wieder und in fast zwei Monaten ist ziemlich viel passiert!
22. October 2017
Nach diesen wunderbaren Ferien ging die Schule wieder los.

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